Captains' Log - 9 Oct 2017, Nosy Koma, Madagascar

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Ahoy swashbucklers! Me thinks it be time for an update on my high adventures in Madagascar!

My first day was full of fun reuniting with old friends!

The crew of the S/V Shuti

After many hugs we headed to the Hell-ville Market to provision for our time on the open ocean. Plenty of food, water and, of course…RUM! What pirate could live without rum?!

Hell-ville Market, Nosy Be, Madagascar.


Hell-ville Market, Nosy Be, Madagascar.

Once provisions were successfully secured, we got to loading boat and heading out for our first day a-sailing! We’ll be heading north for a bit of diving.

We found a great place to anchor for the night. After the business of securing the ship was done, me and my good friends relaxed, caught up and sampled local rums. A fine finish to a lovely day.

First night out on the water, greeted by a lovely full moon rising. Nosy Be, Madagascar


We have visited Ampangorinana, Madagascar, on the island of Nosy Komba. Nosy Komba is a volcanic island located south of Nosy Be. Nosy Komba is also known as Nosy Ambariovato, which means the island surrounded by rocks. The volcanic rock surrounding the island creates a protective barrier, keeping rough waters from the shores. The island has many small beaches and emerald waters.  The Maki, a variety of Lemur, also called Macaco, inhabit the island and are commonly seen by tourists and locals. The Makis are very friendly and social creatures. We were fortunate to see many of these fun lemurs, and get to feed them too! The island is especially tranquil as there are no vehicles and no electricity. It’s teeming with life, love and nature!

Nosy Komba Island

Maki climbing a tree, Nosy Komba

Feeding a Maki a banana, Nosy Komba

Lovely local ladies selling their wares

Yikes! A tortoise!!!


Back on the boat, scientific experimentation started with the ritual preparation of tomorrows Rhum Punch at the conclusion of the consumption of last night's concoction. Sambo brand dominates this evening's experiment.


Nosy Komba was a blast, a great time had by all. And nature gave us a wonderful site to finish this day of fun and adventure.

Nosy Komba Sunset

Captain Ben Blood signing off! Check back again soon for more fun on the high seas.


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