About Us

For more than 50 years, RellerGold has supplied Fine Jewelers and Galleries throughout the United States and the Caribbean.

 All our jewelry is handcrafted - from start to finish - at the RellerGold studio in Gainesville, Florida

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The company was started by Bernard’s father, Marcus Reller, a Mastercraftsman of the Vienna Goldsmith’s Guild. In 1938 Marcus fled Nazi Europe, eventually making his way to Miami where he created gold jewelry for the Florida and Caribbean tourist market. Bernard and his crew are proud to maintain Marcus’ tradition of Mastercraftsmanship in all their products.






Bernard draws inspiration from his experiences as a Sailor and Treasure Diver and Pilot of Fixed Wing Aircraft, Gliders and Hot Air Balloons. He is a hands-on craftsman and designer who holds a degree in Physics from the University of Florida and has created the largest collection of Nautical and Sea Life designs on the planet. Bernard displays his work at Fine Jewelers and Galleries throughout the US and the Caribbean and through select Internet retailers. Contact us to establish a wholesale account or to find a retailer.

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Kathleen Morris - After a successful career in marketing management with AT&T, Kathleen joined the company in 1984. As an accomplished practitioner and instructor in the Chong Nhu style of oriental martial arts and with her superior organizational skills, Kathleen quickly rose to the position of Manager, General overseeing production, office and customer service personnel. Her tireless dedication has been a major factor in the success of our enterprise.