Captain's Log - 3 Oct 2017,1054, Lagoon 380 Catamaran

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Ahoy scallywags,

I got the duffle packed and am on a 24 hour flight from Florida t' Adiss Ababa, Ethiopia, then I be on to Madagascar, sailin the high seas! I be meetin' up with a lifelong college scallywag 'n his grandson. We’re plannin' t' break anchor at Hells-ville Port, located on, Nosy Be - a wee island province off th' northwest coast o' Madagascar.

Nosy Be’s year round tropical climate makes this island  Madagascar’s largest 'n busiest tourist resort. Th' island be wee at 123.56 square miles, located nigh-on two leagues from th' coast o' Madagascar in th' Mozambique Channel. Th' name Nosy Be translates t' “big island” in th' Malagasy language. Th' island be bestowed with many nicknames o'er th' years, includin' th' most grand, Nosy Manitra (th' perfumed island). Th' nickname hales from th' various plants that be cultivated on island, ‘specially th' ylang ylang tree, which be used in many perfumes. Other wonderfully scented plants that be grown on island include coffee, cacao, vanilla 'n sugar cane. Blimey! All that sugar cane be meanin’ great casks o’ rum!!! Yo ho ho, it’s a pirate’s life for me!!!


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