Tetradrachm Alexander the Great and Zeus Coin (Lysimachus reign) Pendant in 14K - Item #9126

  • 9,89000

An Authentic ancient Alexander the Great and Zeus coin from the reign of Lysimachus set in 14K square wire frame with bead granulation prongs and fancy bail. Set with Alexander on front. The inscription on the Zeus side reads ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΛΥΣΙΜΑΧΟΥ (coin of King Lysimachus).  Each mounting is handcrafted in the USA to protect the coin and fit precisely.
  • Denomination: AR Tetradrachm
  • Reign: Lysimachus (successor of Alexander the Great)
  • Minted in ancient Thrace
  • Date: 297-281 BC
  • Coin comes with a Certificate of Authenticity
  • Pendant measures 2" inches long
  • Item #9126

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