Shipwreck Atocha Silver 2 Real Replica Coin Hook Bracelet Item #46542

  • 53600

This 100% Atocha Silver coin in the center is a molding of a 2 reales historical Spanish coin set in a twisted wire bezel with four prongs on the center of 4mm wide bracelet with a hidden hook. Four rows of twisted rope detail on both sides of the center coin. 

This bracelet is handcrafted in the USA and created in either 14kt gold or sterling silver.

Available in 6.5" - 8.5" sizes offered in 2 variations:

  • Sterling Silver band with Atocha Silver centerpiece & 14k Gold wraps on the sides (Mixed Metal)
  • All Sterling Silver with an Atocha Silver centerpiece

    • All coins are made from an 80lb bar of 100% Atocha silver recovered by Mel Fisher in 1986 from the wreck of the Nuestra Señora de Atocha off the coast of Key West.
    • Item #46198A (Mixed Metal) or 46198AB (Silver)

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