Treasure Coins - A Piece of History

Lone Palm Designs is deeply involved in the fascinating world of Treasure Coins!  Coinage from around the world and throughout history is transformed into beautiful jewelry that captures a piece of the past.

Many Treasure Coins come from the shipwrecks of Spanish galleons lost at sea while transporting the mineral wealth of the New World back to Spain.  The most famous shipwreck was the highly publicized recovery of the Nuestra Señora de Atocha led by Mel Fisher in 1985 off the coast of Key West.  We work with both Authentic Atocha coins as well as replica artifacts.  An 80lb bar of Atocha silver was donated to the Department of History at the University of Florida by Dr. Eugene Lyon, the historian whose research at the Archives of the Indies in Seville, Spain led Fisher to the wreck site.  Sales of the replica jewelry helps support the work of the department.

We also work with Ancient Greco-Roman coins, Widow's Mite coins & other unique coins from around the world.

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All coins come with a certificate of authenticity. Atocha SIlver molded replica coins comes with a certificate authenticating the silver used in the coin's production.